Nokia: Delicatessen
Flagships & Heathrow Terminal 5 video
Cinematic in its approach, "Delicatessen" associates the basic need for food to the indispensable necessity for constant communication. In an elaborate serving ritual that takes place between three characters, phones are mysteriously transformed into delectable epicurean treats. Essentially, it’s technology good enough to eat.

As a sumptuous display of desire that draws on modern-day cravings for sophisticated technologies, "Delicatessen" is an elegantly stylized piece enticing the senses, which leaves the viewer wanting to savor more.

Part of a series of unique shorts commissioned by Nokia to play across an impressive array of high definition in-store displays as well as enormous, high resolution LED cubes, dubbed the “Nokia Towers” at the newly opened London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.

Sound Design: Brian Emrich
Hair & Makeup Design: Annie Ok
Year: 2006
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