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Annie Ok as a Glitch avatar


Annie Ok as a Glitch avatar.

Glitch is a free MMO game by the original founders of Flickr.

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TRUE GRIT: “Mean Business” Digital Comic Dime Novel


“TRUE GRIT: “Mean Business” is a free 24-page comic adapted from the novel TRUE GRIT by Charles Portis. It was commissioned by Paramount to promote the international release of the Coen Brothers’ movie TRUE GRIT. It is inspired by the dime novels that first brought fame and notoriety to the heroes and villains of the old American west.


Layout 1

You can grab a PDF version here or from ComiXology. It is also made available in 7 different languages. as well as limited edition hard copies.

ROLE: Creative Strategy
AGENCY: Glass Eye
CLIENT: Paramount Pictures International
Annie Ok commercial,comics,film,TRUE GRIT — Annie Ok on 1.26.11 at 4:37 pm
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