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KICK-ASS in PlayStation Home


Universal Pictures International is launching its first campaign in PlayStation Home, to support the international release of KICK-ASS, the hotly anticipated movie from director Matthew Vaughn.

Home users have the opportunity to engage with a wealth of KICK-ASS related content ahead of the film’s release.


For a limited time only, visitors to Home Cinema are able to grab two free avatar costumes for the film’s major characters Kick Ass and Hit Girl, as well as watch a number of clips, trailers and other exciting video content.



Visitors to Home Cinema can look for the special KICK-ASS posters around the cinema for information and unlock the code to receive the rewards.


ROLE: Creative Strategy, Experiential Producer
AGENCY: Picture Production Company
CLIENT: Universal Pictures International
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Annie Ok: “My Life as an Avatar 03.10”

My Life as an Avatar 03.10

Part of ongoing “My Life as an Avatar” machinima series by Annie Ok.

Music: Caustic Reverie, “Rust Shore”

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