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WE ARE AUTOBOTS wins “Best Web Based Augmented Reality” in Augmented Planet Readers Choice Awards

w00t! WE ARE AUTOBOTS, the augmented reality project I worked on with Picture Production Company for the TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN campaign, won “Best Web Based Augmented Reality” in Augmented Planet Readers Choice Awards 2009.

From Augmented Planet:

Readers Choice Awards 2009

Announcing the 2009 Winners!

The first annual Augmented Planet Readers Choice awards are over and congratulations to all of the nominees and the winners. We asked you, the reader, to vote for your favourite example of augmented reality in 2009.

Best web based augmented reality demo

  • Winner – Total Immersion  / PPC and the “We Are AutoBots” demo created for the Transformers movie 

Thanks to Augmented Planet for holding these awards and to all their readers that voted for our project. Congratulation to Dan Light and the talented team at PPC for winning this special recognition for their hard work and innovation.

Sony PlayStation Home: Winter Wonderland


Sony PlayStation Home is opening their Winter Wonderland festival space and inviting Home residents to a snowy location filled with elves, presents, Santa’s grotto, and more. Wait, presents? Yes – that means free stuff!


Final preparations are underway, however some of Santa’s helpers seem a bit … well, less than useful. Santa and his elves need your help to complete the preparations and make sure this festival is one to remember. Never fear, though, these preparations involve fun and frivolity, as well as some great rewards for your hard work. With your help the Wonderland will evolve over time into a magical space to visit this festive season.


There is plenty to do, so you have to make sure you keep coming back frequently to find out what Santa and his elves need next. You won’t want to miss out on opening a present, or taking part in one of the task mini-games, now would you? While you are there, you have to be sure to browse the winter market, and don’t forget to get your picture taken by the photo elf. He even throws in a special festive border!




ROLE: Creative Strategy, Experiential Producer
AGENCY: Picture Production Company
CLIENT: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe 
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