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WATCHMEN: Metro newspaper as The New Frontiersman and “World In Focus: 6 Minutes to Midnight”

On March 6, 2009, the cover wrap of Metro, the UK’s only urban national newspaper, was incarnated as The New Frontiersman, the right-wing extremist publication from WATCHMEN.



World In Focus: 6 Minutes to Midnight

An episode of late night UK current affairs review World In Focus aired in October 1985, in which photo-journalist Alain Guillon and author Hal Eisner discuss the emerging geopolitical crisis with presenter Jeremy Miller.

The recording purports to have originated from the Veidt Industries video archive. It details its source as ‘KARNAK’ the significance of which is unclear.

These are the final releases from The New Frontiersman, part of the WATCHMEN campaign I am honored to have worked on with The Picture Production Company. Dan Light, head of Interactive at The PPC, wrote an excellent retrospective of the campaign that is an absolute must-read. Thanks, Dan, for inviting me to collaborate with your talented team. It’s truly been an incredible experience. ≠)



Annie Ok: “WATCHMEN in PlayStation Home” [Official Machinima Promo]

Official machinima promo commissioned by Paramount Pictures International and The Picture Production Company, featuring WATCHMEN virtual goods now available in Sony PlayStation® Home.


WATCHMEN in PlayStation Home

Machinima directed and produced by Annie Ok

WATCHMEN brought to Sony PlayStation® Home by Paramount Pictures International and The Picture Production Company

WATCHMEN movie footage and score courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures

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