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Annie Ok in “Draw” group exhibition in London @ STOLENSPACE GALLERY, through Sunday, March 30th

After an overwhelming response for the London debut of the DRAW exhibit, in which over 2000 people were in attendance, the exhibit has been extended for an additional week through Sunday, March 30th.

DRAW is the largest modern drawing exhibition to emerge out of New York. Curated by Erik Foss and Curse Mackey with guest curators by Jamie O’Shea, Tim Barber, Jacaeber Kastor, Damian Weinkrantz, Les Barany, Brendan Fowler, Mike Aho, Sto, Victoria Perez and D* Face.

This museum quality exhibition, features original drawings from over 300 artists in the urban, design, tattoo, animation, skateboard, illustration, music and New Contemporary art worlds. The show is a tribute to the often-underrated but fundamental building-block of visual and graphic art: the drawing. DRAW is currently on a six-country world tour.

Artists whose works are in the show include:
Adam Marnie, Adam Wallacavage, Alexander Juhanz, David Hochbaum, Word to Mother, Amanda Wachob, Amy Kosolowski, Andre Razo, Andrew Brown, Andy Moon Wilson, Annie Ok, Antony Edward Zito, Arik Roper, Athena Razo, Kat Von D, Bob Tyrrell, Bobby Gorman, Brandon Maldonado, Brenda Abbandandolo, Brendan Donnelly, Brian DeGraw, Brian Doran, Brigid Pearson, Carol Lee, Carrie Ann Baade, Chicken Head, Chloe Blackshire, Chris Dingwell, Chris Mendoza, Chris O’Donnell, David Walker, Chris Savido, Christian Fagerlund, Cliff Eisenhut, Clive Barker, Clive Barker, Kate Ruth, Cobrasnake, Colin Burns, Colin Christian, Conrad Keely, Curran Reynolds, Jo Harrison, Leonard Baron, Daniel Martin Diaz, Y Maria AKA Loretta Leu, David Aaron, David Ellis, David Hochbaum, David Schwartz, Daze, Derek Lerner, Doug Anson, Doze Green, Dr. Revolt, Elizabeth Huey, Eric White, David Hochbaum, Glenn Barr, Gregory Kramer, Hacula, Hal Robins, Harry Druzd, HR Giger, Isaac Lin, Ivory Serra, Aurelio Valley, J Penry, J Adam McGalliard, TAB, Shelter Serra, JASOR, James Tully, Jason D’Aquino, Jason D’Aquino, Jason Grabowski, Joy Coletti, Jean-Pierre Arboleda, Josh Goldberg, Jeff McMillan, Jennie Jieun Lee, Gerard Way, Jacaber Kastor, Filip Leu, Joe Capobianco, Mike Diana, Joe Heaps Nelson, Stk Mountain, Joey Remmers, John Andrew, John John Jesse, Julio Rodriguez, John Seabury, Jonathan Levine, Jonathan Weiner, Jordan Isip, Cliff Eisenhut, Joy Coletti, Jud Burgeron, Julia Marchand, Wim Wallace, Katy Horan, Kimberly Sheridan, Kris Chau, Kristen Schiele, Lance Bradley, Lee Conkin, FatBoy, SickBoy, Lesley Oliver, Leslie Sternberg, Lisa Lebofsky, Louie Cordero, Lucas Irwin, Lyndsea Cochrane, MaDora Frey, Mara Lea Brown, Marcus Burrowes, Maria Nielsen, Mark Bode, Mark Dean Veca, Mark Gonzales, Mary Raap, Melanie Vote, Melinda Beck, Michael Ponce, Brendan Fowler, Miran Kim, Gregory Kramer, Nalla Smith, Lance Bradley, Neke Carson, Nik Moore, Patrick Conlon, Paul Raven, Peter Thompson, Rachel Schmidhofer, Randall Sellers, Rich Jacobs, Rick Griffin, Rob Leecock, Ron English, Rostarr, Roy Miranda Jr, Ryan Skully, Scott Cambell, Sean Dack, Michael Manning, Jean-Pierre Roy, Gibby Haynes, Lucas Irwin, Stephan Jay Rayon, Stephanie Tamez, Steve De Bruyn, Steven Bliss, Tara McPherson, Thom Lessner, Tim Biskup, Tobin Yelland, Travis Louie, Andre Razo, Tristan McCormick, Van Arno, Vaughn Bode, Wes Lang, Lyn Z, Pamela Tait, Kristine Leone, Blake Bermel, Nathan Nordstrom, Zach McDonald, Kathy Grayson, Hank Williams III, Jason Schmidt, Jad Fair, Mike Krone, Goldmine Shithouse, Tara McPherson, Mike Aho, Nathan Gorman, JK5, David Foldvari, Damien Weinkratz, Vincent Castiglia, Chris Cycle, Derek Hess, Jesse Aldana, Ryan Scully, Word To Mother, Paper Monster, Mr. Andre, Aurel Schmidt, Kat Von D, John Royal, Chase Booker, Mark McCoy, Michael Ponce, Yuri Masnyj, Ben Cho, Annette Monnier, Mara Lea Brown, Carl Bennett, Corey Miller, Chris Johansen, Nate Loman, Orpheus, Leo Fitzpatrick, Con Trubkovich, Nate Loman and Aaron (The Don), Jennie Jieun Lee, Jethro Haynes, Kembra Pfahler, Matt Leines, Titine Leu, Tom Jennings, Gibby Haynes, JASOR, Matthew Rodriguez, Curse Mackey, D* Face, D*Face, Matt Damhave, Carol Lee, Dist, John Seabury, Nelson Loskamp, Oryca, Matt Johnstone, Jeff Ladouceur, Dianne Barcelowsky, Meryl Smith, Jason Butcher, Lyn Z, Nikole Lowe, Phil Kyle, Bob London, Jaret Penner, French, Sto, Normen Reddes, Oryca, Mary Raap, Mi Mi Leung, Abra Casandra, Maya Wild, Alex Binnie, Mark Giles, Hellovon, Ian Stevenson, Michael Manning, Nelson Loskamp, Jason Atomic, Andrew Kuo, Nicola Pecoraro, Kelly Tunstall, Andrew Brown, Alexis Trice, Will Ainley Page 36 -David Bray, Mark McCoy, Nathan Jensen, Sean Pierce, Angela Boatwright, David Stoupakis, and Brendan Fowler.

25 artists from the UK are debuting works. Their pieces will continue as part of the DRAW exhibit as it continues from London, on a six-country world tour that includes showings in Tokyo, Berlin, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The exhibit debuted in October of 2006 at Fuse Gallery to phenomenal response from audience and press alike. It had an equally impressive showing during the SXSW 2007 Music and Interactive-Film Festival in Austin,Texas.

Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
United Kingdom

Tuesday – Sunday
11:00am – 7:00pm

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Annie Ok: untitled 11.06




untitled 11.06

thread on paper

Annie Ok artwork,art — Annie Ok on 3.14.08 at 5:42 pm

vLES Metal Mansion Party @SxSW, March 13th, 4-10pm

vLES in association with wildcat nyc presents

Thursday, March 13th, 2008, 4-10pm
Walter Bremond House
711 San Antonio Street (at 8th Street)
Austin, TX

Live performances by

Dax Riggs

DJ’s Jason Mcneely & Scandalizer

BEER & BBQ will be served

Please RSVP to vles[at]


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