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Annie Ok: Nokia “Supercuuute” at Flagships & Terminal 5


Initially inspired by ”South Park’s” “Quest for Ratings” episode, “Supercuuute” is a study in the pure joy and delight that baby animals, specifically puppies and kittens, elicit from the viewer. Graphically shot against a black backdrop, the individual portraits of each little baby mesmerize and transfix one with the innocence and preciousness of new life. One cannot help but feel happy in the presence of such adorable creatures. “Supercuuute” is geared toward environmental therapy, based upon the idea that smiling releases endorphins in the viewer’s body, providing a natural high.

Part of a series of unique shorts commissioned by Nokia to play across an impressive array of high definition in-store displays as well as enormous, high resolution LED cubes, dubbed the “Nokia Towers” at the newly opened London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.

client: Nokia
concept: Annie Ok & Derek Lerner
assistant director: Annie Ok
sound design: Brian Emrich

animals,Annie Ok films,art,mobile,social,tech,video — Annie Ok on 1.24.08 at 2:01 pm

Annie Ok as a Conduit Labs Make Me avatar



Annie Ok as a Conduit Labs Make Me avatar

Annie Ok avatars,design,tech,virtual — Annie Ok on 1.21.08 at 2:13 pm

Annie Ok as a SmallWorlds avatar


Annie Ok as a SmallWorlds avatar

Annie Ok avatars,design,tech,virtual,virtual worlds — Annie Ok on 1.20.08 at 11:42 am

Annie Ok: QR Code

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Annie Ok: “vLES Brocals 8” [MTV’s virtual Lower East Side]

vLES Brocals 8

Official machinima promo of MTV’s virtual world, vLES, the virtual Lower East Side of New York City. Originally premiered on MTV2, 2007.

director, producer, writer: Annie Ok
assistant director: Derek Lerner
music: The Exeter Popes, “Temporary Skin”

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