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HEROES REBORN Motion Poster Creator


For the upcoming series, visitors to NBC’s HEROES REBORN pavilion at San Diego Comic-Con were able to experience a first-of-its-kind motion poster booth where they could take a photo and were immediately given a custom animated GIF or video showcasing their superpower of pyrokineses, ready to share to social networks via desktop or mobile.


Glass Eye developed the platform facilitating the creation of personalized artwork delivered to Comic-Con goers within minutes. Over 5,800 posters were made in 4 days, with an average of more than one share or download per poster.


The stars of HEROES REBORN and BLINDSPOT were amongst those who stopped by the pavilion and shared their custom posters with their followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to excellent reception.

HeroesRebornPoster03_ComicCon_JaimieAlexander    HeroesRebornPoster04_ComicCon_RobbieKay

HeroesRebornPoster05_ComicCon_GregGrunberg    HeroesRebornPoster06_ComicCon_DanikaYarosh

The HEROES REBORN Motion Poster activation was also deployed by NBC at VidCon where attendees, including some well-known YouTube influencers, were just as stoked to harness the power of fire.

HeroesRebornPoster07_VidCon_Kaytastic    HeroesRebornPoster08_VidCon_Xtinemay

UPDATE 2015.9.14:

Most exciting of all, the HEROES REBORN Motion Poster was brought to NYC’s Times Square where fans could see their custom posters displayed on a massive digital billboard immediately after their photos were taken.





ROLE: Project Lead, Creative Lead, and Client Liaison for Glass Eye
AGENCY: Glass Eye

Annie Ok: “My Life as an Avatar″ in “Game Art in the Knowable Space” show at CultureHub, Nov 7

My art film series “My Life as an Avatar” has been invited to be exhibited at CultureHub in the “Game Art in the Knowable Space” show curated by Chris Burke.


Game Art in the Knowable Space

The aesthetics of video games are rerouted to create works of art that subvert game mechanics and the experience of play. Game artist and machinima maker Chris Burke curates a showcase of artists who are using games beyond their intended purpose, as tools for making art. The exhibited works explore the finite, or “knowable,” potential of the programmed game environment.

Game Art In The Knowable Space presents works that are not games in themselves, but artworks inspired by the treatment of space in video games. Some of the works examine the aleatoric, uncanny aspects of game space while others build out their own spaces to be explored.

With artwork from:

Alex Myers
Annie Ok
Jeff Donaldson
Rosa Menkman
Friedrich Kirschner
Victor Morales
Kent Sheely
Tom Murphy VII

Performances by Tamara Yadao and mrghosty (AKA Skot Deeming)

Friday, November 7, 2014 at 7:00pm
47 Great Jones St 3rd Fl
New York, New York 10012

$10 General Admission
$5 Student and Artist Tickets

Still from “My Life as an Avatar 03.10” by Annie Ok

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Sony PlayStation Home: Winter Wonderland


Sony PlayStation Home is opening their Winter Wonderland festival space and inviting Home residents to a snowy location filled with elves, presents, Santa’s grotto, and more. Wait, presents? Yes – that means free stuff!


Final preparations are underway, however some of Santa’s helpers seem a bit … well, less than useful. Santa and his elves need your help to complete the preparations and make sure this festival is one to remember. Never fear, though, these preparations involve fun and frivolity, as well as some great rewards for your hard work. With your help the Wonderland will evolve over time into a magical space to visit this festive season.


There is plenty to do, so you have to make sure you keep coming back frequently to find out what Santa and his elves need next. You won’t want to miss out on opening a present, or taking part in one of the task mini-games, now would you? While you are there, you have to be sure to browse the winter market, and don’t forget to get your picture taken by the photo elf. He even throws in a special festive border!




ROLE: Creative Strategy, Experiential Producer
AGENCY: Picture Production Company
CLIENT: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe 
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Sony PlayStation Home: Halloween Party


To celebrate Halloween, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is inviting the residents of PlayStation Home to a special event.


Home’s Halloween party will be held in the Burn Zombie Burn space and all appropriately dressed attendees will receive a (trick or) treat upon arrival. There are five exclusive costumes available in Threads especially for the event – including a werewolf, Frankenstein, a witch, a ghost and his and her skeleton suits.


If you wear one the above costumes when you enter the space you will get yourself a very special (ghoulish) reward. If you don’t, you can just pull on the costumes when you are in the space and jump on the enormous red button to receive your prize.

And if that isn’t enough, we are running Home’s first official storyboard competition alongside the event. Using the Home camera we ask you to supply five images with captions and upload them to our Flickr group. The wittiest five storyboards will go on display in Home Square and then the residents will decide who wins. The lucky winner will receive a brand new PSPgo.

ROLE: Creative Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Experiential Producer
AGENCY: Picture Production Company
CLIENT: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe 
Annie Ok commercial,event,social,tech,virtual,virtual worlds — Annie Ok on 10.28.09 at 12:00 pm
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