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HEROES REBORN Motion Poster Creator


For the upcoming series, visitors to NBC’s HEROES REBORN pavilion at San Diego Comic-Con were able to experience a first-of-its-kind motion poster booth where they could take a photo and were immediately given a custom animated GIF or video showcasing their superpower of pyrokineses, ready to share to social networks via desktop or mobile.


Glass Eye developed the platform facilitating the creation of personalized artwork delivered to Comic-Con goers within minutes. Over 5,800 posters were made in 4 days, with an average of more than one share or download per poster.


The stars of HEROES REBORN and BLINDSPOT were amongst those who stopped by the pavilion and shared their custom posters with their followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to excellent reception.

HeroesRebornPoster03_ComicCon_JaimieAlexander    HeroesRebornPoster04_ComicCon_RobbieKay

HeroesRebornPoster05_ComicCon_GregGrunberg    HeroesRebornPoster06_ComicCon_DanikaYarosh

The HEROES REBORN Motion Poster activation was also deployed by NBC at VidCon where attendees, including some well-known YouTube influencers, were just as stoked to harness the power of fire.

HeroesRebornPoster07_VidCon_Kaytastic    HeroesRebornPoster08_VidCon_Xtinemay

UPDATE 2015.9.14:

Most exciting of all, the HEROES REBORN Motion Poster was brought to NYC’s Times Square where fans could see their custom posters displayed on a massive digital billboard immediately after their photos were taken.





ROLE: Project Lead, Creative Lead, and Client Liaison for Glass Eye
AGENCY: Glass Eye

Annie Ok: metacollaborative

Just launched my new website featuring my commercial work. Please check it out:
Annie Ok is specialized in innovative strategy utilizing creative content, cultural insight, digital/social media, and emerging technology to produce compelling experiences.
Annie Ok commercial,design,film,tech — Annie Ok on 7.24.14 at 12:06 pm

300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE – “WAR FACE” Motion Poster Creator



To promote the theatrical release of 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, Warner Bros. launched “WAR FACE” Motion Poster Creator, available on both desktop and mobile. Fans were invited to see themselves as the epic heroes and heroines of the movie by placing their own faces into the official campaign artwork, resulting in their own custom animated character posters.


The “WAR FACE” application integrates FaceGen, which uses a passport-style photo (taken via your webcam/mobile camera or uploaded from your computer/mobile device) to create a 3D model of your face, then composites it into your choice of character art to see yourself transformed into Themistokles, Artemisia, Queen Gorgo, or Xerxes. You can also go an alternate route by simply pulling your best silly war face (taken via webcam or uploaded) then adding your choice of war cry and color wash.


You can share and/or download your personalized 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE motion poster in a variety of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr optimized formats, including animated GIF.

300WarFace_annie    300WarFace_dan

300WarFace_cat    300WarFace_doge


ROLE: Creative Strategy
AGENCY: Glass Eye
CLIENT: Warner Bros.
300,Annie Ok commercial,design,film,photography,tech — Annie Ok on 3.6.14 at 5:54 pm

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL: “Burj Intercept” & “Mask Maker” Web Applications


To promote the theatrical release of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL, Paramount Pictures International launched two innovative web applications.

The first of these to go live was Mission: Impossible – Burj Intercept, making pioneering use of Microsoft’s “Deep Zoom” zooming technology to let you infiltrate and disrupt a covert deal going down at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, scene of a dizzying and much-lauded sequence from the film itself.

Ghost Protocol has been initiated, you and your team have been framed by enemy operatives and are on the run, fighting to clear your name. Word reaches you that a deal is going down at the Burj Khalifa hotel in downtown Dubai. Your identities – along with those of countless other disavowed I.M.F. agents – could find their way onto the international black market. Use your state-of-the-art surveillance system to guide your team on the ground and disrupt the deal.


Next up was Mission: Impossible – Mask Maker, using Adobe Flash 11‘s break-through Stage3D support in combination with face-recognition libraries from FaceGen and Beyond Reality Face to let you create your own 3D mask from a 2D image. Your image is then rendered into CCTV footage which allows you to be a part of the movie.

The IMF has been shut down after being implicated in a global terrorist plot and you and your rogue team have gone undercover to try to clear your names. You are working off the grid but a fellow agent needs your help. They urgently need you to meet with one of your informants in the next hour…on the other side of the world…face-to-face. Moving quickly, you need to create a mask convincing enough that your fellow agent can pass as you so the meeting can go ahead.



ROLE: Creative Strategy
AGENCY: Glass Eye
CLIENT: Paramount Pictures International
Annie Ok commercial,film,gaming,tech — Annie Ok on 12.20.11 at 12:00 pm

SUPER 8: “Gonna Be Mint” Transmedia Campaign



To promote the international release of SUPER 8, Paramount Pictures International launched a captivating 3D experience putting you at the heart of the thrilling and emotional journey Joe Lamb and his group of filmmaking friends from Ohio embark upon in the summer of 1979.

Over time, original content, artifacts, clips, radio broadcasts, retro games and applications unlock the amazing mystery and shocking truths behind SUPER 8. Be inspired to have a filmmaking adventure of your own at

The box of Suprachrome 8mm film was the first item to appear on a desk which itself sat at the center of the campaign, entitled “Gonna Be Mint!”, bringing to life the world of Joe and his friends, transporting audiences back to a time when a trip to the cinema meant the adventure of a lifetime.


Joe’s Desk is a dynamic interactive 3D Flash environment that will be updated on an almost daily basis in the weeks leading up to SUPER 8’s international release to feature a wide range of web apps, original content and other online initiatives.


The comic book, “Monsters from the Morgue”, was imagined as the inspiration for the kids’ 8mm short, “The Case”. You can open the comic to read the beginning 8 pages of “The Case of the Silver Scream”.



Super 8 Storyboard lets you create your own storyboards from scratch, fill in the gaps between two ready-made panels, or collaborate with friends creating a story frame-by-frame. The super-simple drag-and-drop interface gives you a large selection of existing story elements to choose from, or you can create your own stuff from scratch using the pencil and eraser tools.



Playing on the classic table-top arcade games of the era, EVACU-8! uses authentic vector display graphics to bring you an experience “so real, you forget it’s a game!”



Super 8 Film Fest provides a focal point for various apps and content released through the course of the campaign, Super 8 Film Fest was conceived to give fans everything they needed to go out and have a film-making adventure of their own. It even features two clips from the kids’ own film, “The Case”, for inspiration.


For a more comprehensive overview of the campaign, the Gonna Be Mint Tumblr was run alongside the main site and made available in six languages.

ROLE: Creative Strategy
AGENCY: Glass Eye
CLIENT: Paramount Pictures International
Annie Ok commercial,comics,film,gaming,sci-fi,SUPER 8,tech,transmedia,video — Annie Ok on 7.21.11 at 12:00 pm
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