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300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE – “WAR FACE” Motion Poster Creator



To promote the theatrical release of 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, Warner Bros. launched “WAR FACE” Motion Poster Creator, available on both desktop and mobile. Fans were invited to see themselves as the epic heroes and heroines of the movie by placing their own faces into the official campaign artwork, resulting in their own custom animated character posters.


The “WAR FACE” application integrates FaceGen, which uses a passport-style photo (taken via your webcam/mobile camera or uploaded from your computer/mobile device) to create a 3D model of your face, then composites it into your choice of character art to see yourself transformed into Themistokles, Artemisia, Queen Gorgo, or Xerxes. You can also go an alternate route by simply pulling your best silly war face (taken via webcam or uploaded) then adding your choice of war cry and color wash.


You can share and/or download your personalized 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE motion poster in a variety of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr optimized formats, including animated GIF.

300WarFace_annie    300WarFace_dan

300WarFace_cat    300WarFace_doge


ROLE: Creative Strategy
AGENCY: Glass Eye
CLIENT: Warner Bros.
300,Annie Ok commercial,design,film,photography,tech — Annie Ok on 3.6.14 at 5:54 pm

CHRONICLE: Art Commissions


In anticipation of CHRONICLE, 20th Century Fox hand-picked a selection of five artists and designers to make their own interpretation of the film through their medium of choice. The aim was to creatively explore themes and ideas at the heart of the film, showcasing and exhibiting their artwork through authentic, fan-focused channels.

Marko Manev submitted three posters and said, “When I saw the trailer for Chronicle I immediately got hooked to the story because it asks the age-old geek question ‘what comes with great power?’, what happens when you become aware of what you are capable of? And that is the fundamental point whether one chooses to use their abilities for good or for evil.”

“From what I saw in the trailer I tried to extract the essence of the story and present it with silhouettes. I love using silhouettes because they are simple and yet powerful forms of expression. Anyone can relate to them. They could be you, me or anyone else. Anyone can ask themselves ‘What am I capable of?’ and hopefully choose the right path.




Ed McGowan submitted a photograph and said, “In short the movie is about teens who gain abilities and how they deal with their new found powers. One of these abilities is the power of telekinesis. For this concept I wanted to create a scene where a person uses their powers to save another from an oncoming vehicle. I wanted to put a spin on this idea, so I came up with the idea of doing a tilt-shift. This effect makes the scene seem like a setup with miniatures. We had actors down on the street playing their parts as I captured it from a high vantage point. The only addition done in post was the levitating truck. I think the end result is something that plays with the eye and the mind.


Matt Ferguson submitted three posters and said, “When watching the trailer for Chronicle it struck me straight away that a Manga inspired piece of artwork would really work for a film poster. So I took my inspiration from films such as Akira and tried to create some exciting, dynamic images in my own style, adding in a slightly retro element.”

“I wanted to show the isolation that would occur to a teenager if they were bestowed with super human powers, which is why I chose to concentrate on just one figure using his powers, possibly irresponsibly.




Fernando Reza submitted several posters adapted from a complete yearbook he created for Chumash Valley High. He stated, “What first struck me about Chronicle was the way it mixed something as fantastic as superpowers and combined it with something as mundane as high school in a very straightforward realistic way. I liked how it merged the extraordinary and the ordinary and I wanted to approach this project the same way.”

“I decided to design a faux year book cataloging a year at Chumash Valley High School. The look of the prints are very much inspired by mid century modern designers in particular Saul Bass and the work of Mary Blair. The pages of the yearbook cover everything from Chumash Valley Football, Spirit Week.




Keron Grant (Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Spider-man and X-Men), submitted three illustrations: “Heist”, “Hot Date”, and “Emergency”. For “Heist” Grant said that it came about from dreaming up a bank robbery if he had those powers. “Wonder what that says about me?” he said with a laugh. He added that the other 2 poster were “a bit more noble”.




As well as releasing the artwork through the artists’ websites and portfolios, the complete series was posted on the dedicated “What Are You Capable Of?” Tumblr along with an invitation to anybody to send in their own CHRONICLE fan art for the chance to have it featured.


ROLE: Creative Strategy
AGENCY: Glass Eye
CLIENT: 20th Century Fox
Annie Ok commercial,art,CHRONICLE,comics,design,film,photography,sci-fi — Annie Ok on 1.9.12 at 12:00 pm

STAR TREK Q&A in PlayStation Home with JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, and Zachary Quinto [machinima & pics]


On April 20th, STAR TREK director JJ Abrams and stars Chris Pine (“Kirk”) and Zachary Quinto (“Spock”) visited Sony PlayStation® Home for an exclusive Q&A with select press and bloggers from around the world. The event was broadcast live via Ustream with interactive chat via CoveritLive at

I am working on the STAR TREK campaign with Picture Production Company who produced this machinima featuring some of the highlights from the Q&A. My pics of the event can be viewed below.


Zachary Quinto, JJ Abrams, Annie Ok, Dan Light (moderator), and kingthom.

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, JJ Abrams, and Dan Light (moderator).

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, JJ Abrams, Dan Light (moderator), and kingthom.


Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, JJ Abrams, and Dan Light (moderator).


The Q&A starts to draw to a close and guests rise from their seats.

The Q&A guests start to break out in spontaneous dancing.

The Q&A guests enjoy the spontaneous dance party.

The spontaneous dance party winds down after the filmmakers depart.

Post-Q&A roundtable with press and bloggers.


ROLE: Creative Strategy, Experiential Producer, Machinima Director/Producer, Avatar Design
AGENCY: Picture Production Company
CLIENT: Paramount Pictures International 

The New Frontiersman launches exclusive WATCHMEN content



Announcing the launch of The New Frontiersman. ≠)

From Picture Production Company: has opened this morning. The images will be the first of a series of content exclusives to be released through the site, including correspondence, military documents, newspaper and magazine articles, photographs and video reports, bringing the wider world of WATCHMEN to life for as broad an audience as possible.

All the content will be served through dedicated Flickr and YouTube accounts, available to follow as a single RSS feed generated by Friendfeed.  Fans can also follow The New Frontiersman on Twitter to get the drop on the latest media the instant they go live.

There will also be a few other hidden treats to be discovered through The New Frontiersman site itself, which will be updated and developed all the way up to the release.


ROLE: Creative Strategy, Social Media Strategy
AGENCY: Picture Production Company
CLIENT: Paramount Pictures International


vLES secret event with Witch & Black Mountain @ CSV 2-21-08

Thursday, February 21st at the CSV Cultural Center in New York City vLES in association with Wildcat NYC presented an evening of music with DJ Tim Barber and live performances by WITCH & BLACK MOUNTAIN.

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