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Star Trek boldly goes into PlayStation Home

Sharing news about the STAR TREK campaign I am working on with Picture Production Company: STAR TREK in Sony PlayStation Home.

From PPC Silverscreen:

At 4pm (BST / GMT+1) on April 20th, director J.J. Abrams and stars Chris ‘Kirk’ Pine and Zachary ‘Spock’ Quinto will visit Home for an exclusive Q&A with selected press and bloggers from around the world. Following the Q&A, the invited guests will be able to take part in a virtual roundtable within Home, to discuss the movie and answer questions put forward by fans and fellow bloggers through Twitter, uStream and CoverItLive. Both events will be streamed live across the web through an embeddable video player available at

The Q&A is part of a number of unique opportunities in Home (SCEE only) ahead of the global release of STAR TREK on May 8th.  From today, Home residents will be able to view an exclusive video greeting from Abrams alongside the latest STAR TREK trailer in the Home Theatre. A selection of virtual STAR TREK merchandise e.g. Starfleet Uniforms and T-Shirts, will be available for free in the Threads Store from April 23rd, alongside details of a unique ‘Star Trek in Home Avatar competition’ and the ‘Star Trek Party (in Home)’ where attendees will have the chance to grab some exclusive merchandise and prizes.









Groundbreaking Virtual World Q&A In PlayStation Home For WATCHMEN

Announcing news about the WATCHMEN campaign I am working on with Picture Production Company: Virtual Q&A in Sony PlayStation Home. ≠)

From the official press release:


London, 16 February 2009
At 4pm GMT on 23rd February, Paramount Pictures International (PPI) will be staging the first ever filmmaker Q&A to take place in the groundbreaking new virtual world PlayStation Home, promoting the international release of WATCHMEN on March 6th 2009.

An audience of ten guests – made up of journalists, bloggers and fans from around the world – will be given a unique opportunity to put questions to WATCHMEN director Zack Snyder and the graphic novel’s artist Dave Gibbons as part of this ambitious invitation-only event.

The event will be streamed live across the Internet, commencing a comprehensive WATCHMEN webcast which will include integrated film footage and a post event edit with coverage of the red carpet at the UK premiere in London’s Leicester Square.

The Q&A forms part of a broader initiative promoting WATCHMEN within PlayStation Home.  This comprises opportunities to watch exclusive footage in Home’s cinema, and, from February 27th, to choose from a variety of WATCHMEN virtual merchandise including character costumes, t-shirts and even your very own Doomsday clock, from the Home store.

As a first of its kind in PlayStation Home this activity signals PPI’s continuing commitment to innovative and experimental film marketing.  It is being co-ordinated by specialist film marketing agency Picture Production Company and Deluxe Corporation, who previously worked with PPI to give films including IRON MAN and TRANSFORMERS an extra dimension in virtual world Second Life.

Heath Tyldesley, Director, Interactive Marketing, Paramount Pictures International, commented: “WATCHMEN’s presence in PlayStation Home is a continuation of our commitment to using cutting edge platforms as media to bring fans and film-makers closer together and create a deeper engagement with movie audiences”.

From TedTheDog (Home Community Manager) on Sony PlayStation Home Forum:

… Thursday, the 26th, a range of WATCHMEN clothing and items will appear in Home and these will be free for all SCEE Home customers.







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