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Stark Expo 2010: Accutech, Cordco, Fujikawa – Subsidiaries of Stark Industries [IRON MAN 2]


As part of Stark Expo 2010, announcements were made by three subsidiaries of Stark Industries: AccuTech, Cordco, and Fujikawa.

From AccuTech:


AccuTech: a subsidiary of Stark Industries has today given us a glimpse of the latest breakthrough in anthropo-robotics – the ‘HazTech Exoskeleton’.

Using revolutionary hyper-sensors and nano-hydraulic technology, the exoskeleton is able to detect and amplify body movement. Covering over 80% of the human body, it also protects its wearer from high impact and extreme temperatures.

In a video released today at a prototype arm is shown in action, with the full exoskeleton due to be unveiled next month at the hotly anticipated Stark Expo 2010.

Charles Healey, CEO commented: “Putting aside the obvious commercial applications of HazTech, our priority is to unlock its humanitarian potential. By better protecting the lives of peacekeepers and emergency rescue teams, we can help them save the lives of others.”


Cordco demonstrated their most recent development: the Sonic Fire Extinguisher.


Fujikawa revealed their wearable augmented reality technology: Stark HUD 2020.


Annie Ok: “My Life as an Avatar 03.10”

My Life as an Avatar 03.10

Part of ongoing “My Life as an Avatar” machinima series by Annie Ok.

Music: Caustic Reverie, “Rust Shore”

WE ARE AUTOBOTS wins “Best Web Based Augmented Reality” in Augmented Planet Readers Choice Awards

w00t! WE ARE AUTOBOTS, the augmented reality project I worked on with Picture Production Company for the TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN campaign, won “Best Web Based Augmented Reality” in Augmented Planet Readers Choice Awards 2009.

From Augmented Planet:

Readers Choice Awards 2009

Announcing the 2009 Winners!

The first annual Augmented Planet Readers Choice awards are over and congratulations to all of the nominees and the winners. We asked you, the reader, to vote for your favourite example of augmented reality in 2009.

Best web based augmented reality demo

  • Winner – Total Immersion  / PPC and the “We Are AutoBots” demo created for the Transformers movie 

Thanks to Augmented Planet for holding these awards and to all their readers that voted for our project. Congratulation to Dan Light and the talented team at PPC for winning this special recognition for their hard work and innovation.

Annie Ok: “My Life as an Avatar 06.08″ at Itaú Cultural, São Paulo, Aug 22- Sept 30



My art film, “My Life as an Avatar 06.08″ has been invited to be exhibited at Itaú Cultural in São Paulo as part of the Machinima program curated by Isabelle Arvers. There will be four showings: on Aug 22nd and 23rd for the GamePlay exposition, then on Sept 25th and 30th for Mostravideo Itaú Cultural.

GamePlay: Machinimas

6pm, Aug 22nd and 8pm, Aug 23rd, 2010:

Itaú Cultural
Avenida Paulista, 149, Estação Brigadeiro do Metrô
São Paulo, Brazil

Mostravídeo Itaú Cultural: Machinimas

9pm, Sept 25, 2010:

Cine Metrópolis
Av. Fernando Ferrari, s/n
Goiabeiras, Vitória – ES
São Paulo, Brazil

7pm, Sept 30, 2010:

Palácio das Artes
Sala Humberto Mauro
Avenida Afonso Pena, 1537
Belo Horizonte – MG
São Paulo, Brazil

Still from “My Life as an Avatar 06.08” by Annie Ok

About Itaú Cultural:

Itaú Cultural contributes to the enhancement of the culture of a society as complex and heterogeneous as the Brazilian. It is an institute devoted to research and production of content and for mapping, encouragement and dissemination of artistic and intellectual manifestations.

When considering the culture an essential tool for the construction of the identity of the country and an effective means in promoting citizenship, Itaú Cultural quests to democratize and promote social participation in the cultural sphere. The Institute is a center of cultural reference, for more than 20 years promoting and disseminating the artistic and intellectual production of Brazil – in Brazil and abroad.


More info and official press releases:

Annie Ok: “10 Simple Steps to Your Own Virtual Sweatshop” in ISEA2009: The Exhibition, Belfast, Aug 7-Sept 6


“10 Simple Steps to Your Own Virtual Sweatshop”, the machinima documentary I co-directed with Eyebeam artists Jeff Crouse and Stephanie Rothenberg about their Invisible Threads mixed reality installation, is showing in ISEA2009: The Exhibition in Belfast, Ireland at Golden Thread Gallery.

Golden Thread Gallery
7th of August – 6th of September
Opening Times Tues – Friday: 10.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday – Sunday:10.30am – 4.00pm
Exhibition opening night 7th of August: 7 – 9pm

Still from “10 Simple Steps to Your Own Virtual Sweatshop” by Annie Ok, Jeff Crouse & Stephanie Rothenberg

From ISEA2009: The Exhibition:

ISEA2009: The Exhibition presents internationally leading edge artists from across the globe in an unprecedented multi-site exhibition in Belfast, Northern Ireland from 7 – 29 August 2009. On display in the Ormeau Baths Gallery, the Golden Thread Gallery, in the foyer gallery of the University of Ulster Belfast campus and in the public domain, this exhibition addresses contested spaces focusing on the environment, political and economic conflict and the human body. Curated by Kathy Rae Huffman it will display an exciting range of innovative and challenging work at the interface of art, science and technology.

Exhibiting artists:

OBG: Kuaishen Auson; Revital Cohen; Vince Dziekan; Matt Green and Stuart Sloan; Allan Hughes; Kuuki: Gavin Sade and Priscilla Bracks; Martin Rieser; Sam Kang Li with Justin Zhuang, Serene Cheong and Wong Shu Yu; Scenocosme: Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt; Pam Skelton; Squidsoup, ETH Zurich, horao GmbH; Ola Stahl and Kajsa Thelin; Alexa Wright

GTG: Tony Allard and Kristine Diekman; Jay Bushman; Candida TV: Agnese Trocchi and Antonio Veneziano; Ian Clothier; Joseph DeLappe; Denise Doyle; David Elliott, Andrés Colubri, Patrick Tierney; David Guez; Jim Kosem; Paula Levine; Diana McCarty, Mare Tralla, Reet Varbalne and Kathy Rae Huffman; Max Moswitzer; Will Pappenheimer and John Craig Freeman; Personal Cinema and The Erasers; Rainer Prohaska; Pedro Rebelo; Stephanie Rothenberg; Stephanie Rothenberg and Jeff Crouse with Annie Ok; Mark Skwarek, Joseph Hocking and Arthur Peters; Brad Todd; UBERMORGEN.COM; Andrea Zapp

Ulster: Lauren Alexander; Joseph DeLappe; Petko Dourmana; Anthony Haughey; Fiona Larkin; Christina McPhee; Richard O’Sullivan; Geoffrey Alan Rhodes; Sreejata Roy & Mrityunjay Chatterjee, Debashis Sinha

ISEA2009: The Exhibition has been developed as an extended part of ISEA2009, the 15th International Symposium on Electronic Art, which will take place from 23 August to 1 September 2009 on the island of Ireland. Hosted by the University of Ulster the symposium focuses on Engaged Creativity in Mobile Environments.

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